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Help women have more amazing orgasms & get paid for it!

What is OBliss?

Hi I’m Layla Martin, the founder of OBliss, a 6 Week Online Masterclass, teaching women simple exercises and techniques to have more amazing, full body and multiple orgasms. Leading to a happier, healthier and more vibrant life

The course includes over 25 instructional videos and exercises (with no nudity or explicit sexuality), to help women awaken their full sexual potential…

How you can profit... and make women happier

The course retails for $199 and we're offering a 50% commission on all sales.

According to Google analytics over 9 million people a month search orgasm and female sexuality related terms and there is currently a lack of trusted, modern and fresh products and resources out there to cater for it. This course helps fill that much needed gap!

So I’m inviting you to join in on this opportunity to make a monthly passive income stream by helping woman awaken their full sexual potential. It costs NOTHING to join our affiliate program AND you’ll receive loads of marketing tools to help you to generate income. It truly feels amazing to help others learn how to have a happier, sexier and more vibrant life through these orgasmic practices!

The Layla Strip

How we know it works

We created OBliss to give women a safe, fun and inviting way to explore their full sexual potential. After a decade working with women’s sexuality in her workshops in Thailand, Bali and New York City, Layla realized that more powerful and vibrant orgasms reconnect women to everything in their lives. Many women who have done her workshops have described it as “the missing key” to their life and have said that through being more sexually empowered they feel happier, healthier and more vibrant.

Promoting and sharing in the profits from this life changing course can be as easy as putting a link on your Facebook/Twitter, a banner ad on your site or blog, or sending an email out to your database.

Tools you'll get to help sell the course...

  • Links to a modern, fresh and inviting website and free trial page
  • Exciting, informative and topical blog articles and videos
  • Hot content like daily sex tips and Q&A for email marketing
  • Great looking Banner ads in various sizes and creatives
  • Fabulous customer service for you and your customers

Our trusted affiliate platform and payments

A robust, easy and accurate sign-up and tracking system.
We’ve got a sign-up process that’s simple and clear so you can begin earning commissions right away without a bunch of hoop-jumping. We’ve invested in a globally trusted affiliate software, Post Affiliate Pro, a software used by some of the largest firms, so you’ll also get accurate stats on how your promotions are doing.

High commissions paid out on time.
You can count on your 50% commission pay-outs on time, every month via PayPal and your customer base is secure for as long as you are an affiliate as our cookies never expire.